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When a large commercial truck is involved in an accident, the results can be devastating — including serious injuries and substantial property damage. If you or a loved one has been injured in a Texas trucking accident, speak with an experienced and established lawyer at Hope & Causey, P.C. in Conroe. We know these types of injury claims inside and out, and we deliver the personal attention and sound legal guidance you need as we focus on winning the compensation you deserve.

Trucking accidents stand out from other types of motor vehicle collisions

Despite heavy federal regulation of trucking, trucks still pose a greater threat on our nation’s roadways than ordinary motor vehicles. Commercial trucks, especially semi-trailers and tractor-trailers, are large, heavy and more difficult to maneuver and stop. In addition, drivers have limited rear and side visibility that further impacts navigability, particularly at night or in poor weather conditions. Trucks also have many component parts and systems that require regular inspection and maintenance, so a lot of things can go wrong and cause an accident. Among the most common causes of crashes are:

  • Driver fatigue — There are strict federal regulations on international trucking, governing such matters as how long truck drivers may operate their vehicles before taking a mandatory break. However, some drivers violate these rules in an effort to meet shipping deadlines.
  • Unlicensed or untrained drivers — A trucking company’s failure to perform adequate background checks of drivers or to train them properly can lead to unsafe operations.
  • Overloaded or misloaded trucks — When a tractor-trailer is too heavy or its cargo is not balanced or secured correctly, it can lead to poor navigability and possibly result in jack-knifes or rollovers.
  • Equipment problems — Blown tires, brake failures and other malfunctions can results if truck owners or operators fail to perform regular maintenance on their vehicles.

Because many factors can contribute to trucking accidents and many parties can be involved, our skilled personal injury attorneys thoroughly investigate the details of a crash and take swift legal action to protect injured parties’ rights.

Making sure all potentially liable parties are named as defendants

When a truck causes a traffic accident, there are multiple parties who may share in liability. A negligent driver can be sued, as well as the trucking company that employs the driver. If the driver is an employee of an independent contractor, that company may be sued. The trucking company may be held liable, in its capacity as the truck’s owner or lessee, for failure to properly maintain the vehicle. Shippers may be liable if their improper loading contributed to the accident. Maintenance providers are potentially liable for negligence. If the accident was caused in part by a defective or improperly installed part or system in the truck, the manufacturer, seller or installer may also be sued. We make it our practice to identify all potentially liable parties and their insurers and to craft a litigation strategy designed to maximize the recovery of damages for our clients.

Seeking compensation for injuries of all kinds and degrees

Because commercial trucks are so large and heavy, an impact with a smaller vehicle can cause particularly severe injuries, such as broken bones, concussions and other head trauma, spinal cord injuries, paralysis and even death. We gather medical records and obtain expert medical testimony to support claims for full and fair compensation for injuries and resulting damages, both in insurance negotiations and in litigation.

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