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Breach of Contract

Conroe Civil Law Attorneys Assist Clients with Contract Disputes

Helping Texans enforce their rights after an agreement is breached

Contracts are legally binding agreements that touch nearly every aspect of our private and professional lives. We use them to create agreements for sales and purchases, employment, insurance and banking. For small business owners, the terms of each contract have the potential to create serious problems or bring great rewards. When something goes wrong and a contract is breached, you need a skilled litigator that you can count on. The reputable and hard-working attorneys at the law firm of Hope & Causey, P.C. help individuals and businesses deal with contractual problems and breaches. Our attorneys serve clients throughout Texas, including Bee County, Harris County, Karnes County and Montgomery County.

Understanding the necessary ingredients that make a contract

To determine your rights when a contract was breached, your attorney must first determine whether there was a valid contract and what its terms were. In order for a contract to be valid, it needs certain ingredients, such as:

  • Each party to a contract has to promise to do or give up something. A contract cannot obligate one party while leaving the other free to do whatever they want.
  • Offer and acceptance. There must be a clear offer and it must be accepted completely.
  • Mutual assent. The parties must agree on the essential terms of the contract and intend to be bound by them.
  • Legal purpose. Contracts that are created for an illegal or unlawful purpose are not valid. As an example, you cannot enforce a contract to sell illegal goods.
  • Capable parties. The parties must be able to understand what they are doing. This means they must be old enough and aware of what is happening.

Our Conroe, TX attorneys help you prove that a contract is or is not valid, depending on the specifics of your case.

Determining whether a party materially breached a contract

Small breaches of a contract are often remedied simply. Larger breaches, called material breaches, can render a contract invalid. A court will find that a breach was material when it defeats the purpose for which the contract was made. To test whether a breach qualifies as material, a court will consider the many questions, including:

  • Were the breaching party’s actions done in bad faith?
  • Is there any chance the breaching party will resolve the situation?
  • Will one party lose the main thing it bargained for?
  • Is there a way to compensate the non-breaching party for their loss?

The civil litigation attorneys at our firm have the experience to help you defend your contractual rights.

Assisting clients in cases of a repudiated contract

Sometimes things go wrong early in a business relationship. In these cases, one party may repudiate a contract. This means that their words or actions make it clear they will not be performing their contractual obligations. At this point, the other party can claim a breach of contract and seek payment or other legal remedies. A court will determine that an agreement has been repudiated when one party expresses their refusal to perform. We help our clients uphold their rights under a contract and seek damages in cases of repudiation.

Contact accomplished contracts attorneys who focus on winning

The attorneys at the law firm of Hope & Causey, P.C. have represented both individuals and Fortune 500 companies on contractual matters. When a breach or an accusation of breach is hurting your business or making life difficult, we are here to help. We serve clients throughout Texas from our offices in Conroe, Kenedy, San Antonio and Houston. To schedule a free consultation, call us at 936-441-4673 or contact us online.

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