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Civil Litigation

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As a business owner or operator, you may find yourself involved in disputes from time to time, often related to contracts, personal injuries, torts and a broad range of other complex matters. By working with the skilled civil litigators at Hope & Causey, P.C., you can keep yourself protected and address pressing legal challenges quickly and effectively. Our established attorneys are focused on finding the best possible results for you, taking a hands-on approach and customizing our strategies to meet your unique needs and circumstances. If you could use the assistance of an experienced civil litigation lawyer in the Conroe area, meet with a member of our team.

Reliable counsel for a wide variety of civil litigation issues

Disputes involving civil litigation can quickly become complicated, causing a great deal of stress for you, your family and your business. Our clients can depend on our talented litigators for assistance with the following:

  • Business litigation: There are various disputes that may impact your business, including those related to intellectual property, breach of fiduciary duty, insurance and investments. Our attorneys help keep you protected by taking a proactive approach to these issues.
  • Consumer litigation: In some situations, consumers may try to sue your company, claiming that you’ve engaged in unfair competition, unethical business practices, false advertising or a variety of other forms of wrongdoing. We diligently defend your business against these types of torts.
  • Breach of contract: When two or more parties enter into a formal agreement, each of them must adhere closely to the contract terms. If they fail to do so, it may be necessary to take legal action to ensure the contract remains legally binding.
  • Personal injury claims: Business and property owners may find themselves engaged in litigation related to slip and fall accidents and other incidents leading to personal injuries. Not all of these claims are valid, and it takes one of our experienced lawyers to protect your best interests.

Spending too much time, energy and resources on disputes can distract you from what you need to be doing for the ultimate success of your business. Therefore, we aim to get ahead of these issues before they become more pressing challenges, while dutifully representing you during settlement proceedings and if necessary, a trial.

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For the sound legal guidance you need, work with the skilled civil litigators at Hope & Causey, P.C. We proudly serve individuals, families and business owners in Conroe, Kenedy, San Antonio, Houston and the surrounding communities of Texas. Give us a call today at 936-441-4673 or contact us online to get started.

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